Club Membership

First, join The Royal British Legion

To access any RBL Club you must first join the Royal British Legion via the main RBL portal. This can easily be done online and costs £21.

Click this ‘Join Now!’ box to be taken the the official RBL site to apply for your membership.

Then, Join The Club.

Once you receive your membership card from the RBL simply bring it to the club and give it to a member of staff along with £14. Fill in a membership form and your club membership is complete! Your spouse is automatically granted access with your membership as are any children under the age of 18 when accompanied by a parent.

Club Members benefit from discounts at the bar, on food, and event tickets.

The RBL has a comprehensive set of rules. Each Club is obliged to follow these rules. There are several versions. 2 versions are available for download from this link!AtGodSYezvyqk36aJ5jyzRfI7cmk?e=PaqqfQ